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About the Book

Concise Guide to Legal Research and Writing

Front Cover - Concise Guide to Legal Research and Writing

Third Edition

Deborah E. Bouchoux
Georgetown University

2017. 512 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-7334-1. 

About the Book

Featuring Deborah E. Bouchoux’s highly regarded assignments, examples, and building-block approach, the Third Edition of this concise guide continues to provide timely coverage of essential the research and writing skills used by today’s paralegals.   

Concise Guide to Legal Research and Writing 
Thorough coverage of core topics, such as the American legal system, the legal research process, legal writing, and citation form
• Research assignments that use print resources and Internet sources
• Helpful charts, diagrams, and sample pages from research sources to illustrate complex processes
• Practice Tips in each chapter to be a more effective paralegal
• Ethics notes that are integrated throughout the book
Step-by-step instruction and examples of proper citation form 
• Sample Legal Memorandum and Sample Court Brief in the appendices

Preview the Third Edition:
New research assignments 
• Updates to the United States Code
• GovInfo offering a source of free, official, and authenticated documents from all three branches of government
• New research sources, such as the Law Review Commons, that provide free access to thousands of law review articles
New tools, such as Lexis for Microsoft Office and Thomson Reuters’s Drafting Assistant, that can check citation formats and quotations, prepare tables of authorities, and assist with proofreading
The new platforms for Lexis Advance and Westlaw, with accompanying assignments
Ravel Law, the newest entrant into computer-assisted legal research
Citing Internet sources, including practical concerns such as “link rot” and unreliable sources
• Revamped and updated discussion of citation form
Citation software and automatic citation tools, such as Lexis for Microsoft Office, Thomson Reuters’s Drafting Assistant, Zotero, and Juris-M
• Research management tools Zotero, Juris-M, and Evernote

Preface / Sample Chapters