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About the Book

Basic Bankruptcy Law for Paralegals (Abridged Edition), 3E

David L. Buchbinder
Robert Cooper

2013. 416 pages.  ISBN:  978-1-4548-4201-9. 
Instructor's Manual, Test Bank, PowerPoints, BestCase Exercises.

About the Book


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A timely revision reflecting recent case decisions and changes in the rules, the Third Edition of Basic Bankruptcy Law for Paralegals, Abridged Edition, focuses on the paralegalís role at every stage of a consumer bankruptcy proceeding.  Like its parent text, the Abridged Edition, written for paralegal students, offers a practical introduction to the code and rules in a readable and concise format.

What paralegals need to know about consumer bankruptcy in practice, featuring:

  • Straightforward writing that explains basic consumer bankruptcy in plain English
  • A helpful overview of the bankruptcy code and rules 
  • Step-by-step guidance through the paralegalís role at every stage of the bankruptcy proceeding
  • Simple instructions for completing and submitting documentation in a timely manner
  • Content focused on consumer bankruptcy, primarily from the debtorís perspective
  • Means testing concepts covered in a dedicated chapter
  • A useful tutorial on  means testing procedure
  • A complimentary forms manual on disk
  • Abundant learning aids, including 
    o examples
    o procedural checklists
    o summaries of the law
    o discussion questions
    o learning objectives
  • Companion website: