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About the Book

Fundamentals of Litigation for Paralegals

Front Cover - Fundamentals of Litigation for Paralegals

Ninth Edition

Marlene Pontrelli Maerowitz
City Attorney, Tempe, Arizona 

Thomas A. Mauet
University of Arizona 

2016. 640 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-7338-9. With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

A leading text, Fundamentals of Litigation for Paralegals provides a complete overview of the entire litigation process—from the moment the client walks into the office through trial and post-judgment, and including settlements and alternative forms of resolution. The updated Ninth Edition is enriched with short, edited cases and discussion questions in each chapter. 

Fundamentals of Litigation for Paralegals features:
• A balanced and concise presentation 
• Accessible and cogent discussion of rules and procedures
• A flexible organization that lends itself to a variety of teaching objectives 
• A comprehensive design for learning 
o bold-faced key terms
o glossary
o examples
o visual aids
o checklists
o chapter overviews
o summaries
o review questions
• A litigation file with realistic examples of motions, pleadings, and discovery requests 
• A companion electronic workbook with review questions, case scenarios, and practice forms

Updated in the newly streamlined Ninth Edition:
• The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
• Techniques in e-discovery
• Using computerized litigation support systems to prepare for trial
• Internet research questions

Preface / Sample Chapters