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Interviewing and Investigating: Essential Skills for the Legal Professional 6E

Front Cover - Interviewing and Investigating: Essential Skills for the Legal Professional 6E

Sixth Edition

Stephen P. Parsons

2017. 656 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-7346-4. With Teacher's Manual, Test Bank, PowerPoint Slides & Learn by Doing Exercises. 

About the Book

Interviewing and Investigating delivers a strong foundation in skills as well as the civil, criminal, and non-litigation context in which they are used. The practical emphasis throughout the text encourages students to “learn by doing.” The author brings almost thirty years of experience as a practitioner and teacher to bear, showing students the critical connection between law and fact, the best ways to engage in effective analysis, and the essentials of good communication skills. Well-crafted pedagogy in every chapter helps students apply the principles under review: illustrations, examples, hypotheticals, and Learn by Doing exercises. Examples are drawn from a variety of both civil and criminal, litigation and non-litigation scenarios. A key chapter on ethical issues and related material throughout the book emphasizes the professional standards expected of the paralegal. Four case studies, designed to be used with the Learn by Doing exercises in each chapter, provide realistic scenarios for applying concepts. Useful appendices provide resources, including extensive information on online assistance for investigators. The flexible organization suits a variety of course configurations. The Instructor’s Manual includes a sample syllabus, suggestions for use as either a one or two-semester course, approaches to teaching the materials, character descriptions to accompany the case studies, instructions for role playing in the case studies, a sample form to use in evaluating student interviewers, and a test bank covering each chapter of the text.

For this Sixth Edition, all Web sites have been updated and references to a number of new sites added. Summaries of newly decided cases involving topics such as waiver of attorney-client privilege by reason of using social media to communicate are included. The Learn by Doing and Sleuth on the Loose features have been updated and freshened throughout the text. The references to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure have been revised to comply with the December 2015 amendments. The Federal Rules of Evidence have also been updated to include the latest changes. A number of new Examples have been added to the evidence material in these chapters and a brand new section on the Confrontation Clause has been added. 

The Sixth Edition continues the emphasis on changes in communication technology that are revolutionizing the practice of law. These include e-discovery, identifying and locating witnesses, and the identification of private, non-governmental sources of information from individuals and entities. All include discussions of the latest developments in online social networking and technology. And the case studies reflect the real world we live in with social media playing a significant role. The material treating public records held by state and local governments and particularly the explanation of what state public records acts cover and how to access them continues to be expanded with new Illustrations and Examples.

Key Features:
• Reflects a thorough and practical approach, for a strong foundation in interviewing and investigating, as well as in the civil, criminal, and non-litigation contexts in which they are used
• Employs dynamic pedagogy, including hypotheticals,  Learn by Doing exercises, chapter summaries, and basic review questions in every chapter 
• Draws examples from civil, criminal, litigation, and non-litigation scenarios 
• Consistently emphasizes ethical and professional standards, integrated throughout the text and focused on in a chapter devoted to ethical issues
• Provides four realistic cases for analysis and use in the Learn by Doing exercises—homicide, personal injury, domestic relations, and a real estate development project 
• Makes additional materials and sources available on its companion website:

A fresh and timely Sixth Edition:
• New case summaries on topics of interest, such as the forfeiture of attorney-client privilege for information communicated on social media  
• A fresh look at online social networking and technology 
• More information on accessing public records held by state and local governments 
• December 2015 Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
• References to Federal Rules of Evidence 801(d)(1)(B) and 803(6)(7)(8) updated and new examples added
• Additional and updated website references throughout the text and in the extensive appendices of resources for investigators
• Renewed hypotheticals and Learn by Doing exercises