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About the Book

The Professional Paralegal 2E

Front Cover - The Professional Paralegal 2E

Second Edition

Allan M. Tow 
Suffolk University 

Mark S. Rotondo 
Cambridge College 

2016. 552 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-6268-0.

About the Book

The Professional Paralegal presents a comprehensive and pragmatic overview of today’s legal system and the diverse role of the contemporary paralegal. The innovative use of profiles and experiences of professional paralegals woven throughout the text provide personal and motivating insight while introducing practical tools, substantive issues, and the all-important consideration of ethics. This textbook presents information in a manner easily accessed by students and offers many opportunities for discussion, research, and review.  

Key Features:
• Offers a down-to-earth approach to the law, the legal profession, and the paralegal’s important role in the delivery of legal services.
• Blends both legal theory and practice together and updates important changes in the law and new approaches to legal practice in a variety of settings.
• Offers solid guidance on seeking legal employment and working well within the law office.
• For future paralegals working in private practice, government offices, or even as freelance professionals, this new edition also offers a fresh perspective on issues such as the unauthorized practice of law (UPL) and other issues unique to the professional paralegal.

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