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Introduction to Law for Paralegals 3E

Summary of Contents


Part I. The Legal System: Public and Private Practice
Chapter 1. Introduction to Law
Chapter 2. The Participants in the Legal System
Chapter 3. The Role of Paralegals in Modern Legal Practice
Chapter 4. Evidence and Investigation in Civil and Criminal Practice
Chapter 5. Bringing a Legal Action
Chapter 6. Law Office Management 
Chapter 7. Ethics
Chapter 8. Trials
Chapter 9. Appeals

Part II. Substantive Law
Chapter 10. Personal Injury Law (Torts)
Chapter 11. Contacts and Business Law
Chapter 12. Criminal Law
Chapter 13. Administrative Law
Chapter 14. Real Property Law
Chapter 15. Wills and Trusts
Chapter 16. Family Law
Chapter 17. Intellectual Property

Part III. Legal Research and Writing
Chapter 18. Researching and Writing the Law

The United States Constitution
Amendments to the Constitution