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Wills, Trusts, and Estates for Legal Assistants 4E

Chapter 1 Introduction and Overview

Part One:  Intestate Succession

Chapter 2 Descent and Distribution
Chapter 3 Treatment of Certain Categories of Potential Heirs
Chapter 4 Other Intestate Succession Issues

Part Two: Wills

Chapter 5 Requirements for a Valid Will
Chapter 6 Changing Circumstances after Will Execution—Property
Chapter 7 Changing Circumstances after Will Execution--Persons
Chapter 8 Revocation of Wills
Chapter 9 Interpretation and Construction
Chapter 10 Will Contests
Chapter 11 Other Will Issues

Part Three: Estate Administration

Chapter 12 Estate Administration

Part Four: Nonprobate Transfers

Chapter 13 Reasons People Use Nonprobate Transfers
Chapter 14 Inter Vivos Transfers
Chapter 15 Co-Ownership of Property
Chapter 16 Multiple-Party Accounts
Chapter 17 Contracts

Part Five: Trusts

Chapter 18 Introduction to Trusts
Chapter 19 Trust Creation
Chapter 20 Trust Administration
Chapter 21 Trust Enforcement
Chapter 22 Resulting Trusts
Chapter 23 Constructive Trusts

Part Six:   Other Estate Planning Concerns

Chapter 24 Wealth Transfer Taxation
Chapter 25 Disability and Death Planning
Chapter 26 Malpractice and Professional Responsibility

Sample Will with Testamentary Trust Form
Table of Uniform Probate Code (UPC) Provisions
Table of Uniform Trust Code (UTC) Provisions
Table of Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Provisions