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Aspen Handbook for Legal Writers: A Practical Reference 3E

Summary of Contents  

Section I:  The Mechanics of Writing:  Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling

Chapter 1:  Grammar
Chapter 2:  Punctuation
Chapter 3:  Spelling

Section II:  Features of Effective Legal Writing and Organization

Chapter 4:  Features of Effective Legal Writing
Chapter 5:  Organization and the Legal Writing Process

Section III:  Legal Documents, Legal Conventions, and Common Legal Writing Blunders

Chapter 6:  Legal Correspondence
Chapter 7:  Legal Memoranda
Chapter 8:  Legal Briefs
Chapter 9:  Pleadings and Transactional Documents
Chapter 10:  Legal Conventions and Legal Writing Blunders
Section IV:  Postwriting Steps and Document Design
Chapter 11:  Postwriting Steps
Chapter 12:  Document Design
Appendix A:  Citation Form
Appendix B:  English as a Second Language
Appendix C:  Sample Appellate Court Brief
Appendix D:  Answer Keys to Challenges
Appendix E:  Glossary of Terms
Appendix F:  Glossary of Usage