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Business Organizations for Paralegals 7E

Summary of Contents

Table of Contents

1.  Introduction to Business Organizations and Agency Law
2.  Sole Proprietorships
3.  General Partnerships
4.  Limited Partnerships
5.  Registered Limited Liability Partnerships
6.  Limited Liability Companies
7.  Other Unincorporated Organizations
8.  Introduction to Corporations
9.  Formation of Corporations
10. Corporate Finances
11. Corporate Management
12. Corporate Dividends
13. Securities Regulation and the Stock Exchanges
14. Changes in the Corporate Structure and Corporate Combinations
15. Qualification of Foreign Corporations
16. Termination of Corporate Existence
17. Corporate Variations
18. Employee Compensation and Employment Agreements
19. Special Topics in Business Law

Appendix A. Secretaries of State and State Corporations Statutes
Appendix B. Uniform Partnership Act (1914) (Selected Provisions)
Appendix C. (Revised) Uniform Partnership Act (1997) (Selected Provisions)*
Appendix D. General Partnership Agreement
Appendix E. Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act (1976) with 1985 Amendments (Selected Provisions)*
Appendix F. Model Business Corporation Act (Selected Provisions)
Appendix G. Corporate Bylaws
Appendix H. Written Consent in Lieu of the Organizational Meeting
Appendix I. Research and Resource Guide