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Concise Guide to Legal Research and Writing

Summary of Contents 


Section I Legal Research: Primary Authorities 
Chapter 1 Finding the Law and Introduction to Legal Research
Chapter 2 The Federal and State Court Systems
Chapter 3 Statutory Law 
Chapter 4 Case Law and Judicial Opinions
Chapter 5 Locating Cases Through Digests and Annotated Law Reports

Section II Legal Research: Secondary Authorities and Special Research Issues
Chapter 6 Secondary Authorities
Chapter 7  Special Research Issues 

Section III Legal Research: Using Electronic and Computer Resources
Chapter 8 The Digital Library: Lexis Advance, Westlaw, and Nonprint Research Tools
Chapter 9 E-Research: Legal Research Using the Internet 241 

Section IV Legal Research: Citing and Validating the Authorities
Chapter 10 Legal Citation Form
Chapter 11 Updating and Validating Your Research 

Section V Putting It Together: An Overview of the Research Process 
Chapter 12 Overview of the Research Process 317 

Section VI Legal Writing: Putting Your Research to Work
Chapter 13 The Basics of Legal Writing
Chapter 14 Strategies for Effective Writing
Chapter 15 Legal Correspondence
Chapter 16 Legal Memoranda 383
Chapter 17 Legal Briefs 397
Chapter 18 Proofreading and Document Design

Appendix A Using Shepard’s in Print Form
Appendix B Sample Legal Memorandum
Appendix C Sample Brief for Court