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A Practical Introduction to Paralegal Studies: Strategies for Success

Part I. Fundamentals for Success in the Paralegal Profession and the American Legal System

Chapter 1. Student Survival Guide:  Learning to Learn
Chapter 2. The Paralegal Profession
Chapter 3. Ethics and Professional Responsibility
Chapter 4. The American Legal System

Part II. Paralegal Skills

Chapter 5. Legal Research and Analysis
Chapter 6. Legal Writing and Communications
Chapter 7. Interviewing and Investigating

Part III. Paralegals in the Workplace

Chapter 8. Civil Litigation
Chapter 9. Paralegal Practice Specialties:  What Paralegals Do
Chapter 10. Career Strategies:  Getting a Job, Keeping a Job, and Quitting a Job
Chapter 11. The Law Office Environment
Chapter 12. Putting It Together:  Strategies for Success in the Workplace