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About the Book

Sports Law: Cases, Documents, and Materials

Front Cover - Sports Law: Cases, Documents, and Materials

Second Edition

Walter T. Champion, Jr.
George Foreman Professor of Sports and Entertainment Law
Texas Southern University School of Law

2014. 980 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-5021-2. With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

Sports Law explores the role of law and policy across many issues in sports, including state and federal legislative acts (e.g., Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act); labor and antitrust issues in professional sports; drug testing; NCAA and Title 9 issues; health and safety; remedies for increasing violence among players and fans; and the business of sports as it relates to athletes, agents, leagues, and marketing. 

Look out for these key features: 
Adaptable to both law school and graduate-level courses
Includes all major Sports Law cases
Includes sample documents integrated into text  
Comprehensive Teacher’s Manual includes suggestions for lectures, sample questions, projects, draft lectures, and sample exams

Preface / Sample Chapters