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About the Book

Contemporary Law Office Management

Front Cover - Contemporary Law Office Management

Lori Tripoli

2011. 368 pages. ISBN: 978-0-7355-7235-5
Instructor’s Manual with Test Bank, Power Point Slides, CD-ROM with all the ancillaries included,

About the Book

Timely and engaging, Contemporary Law Office Management comes to life through actual examples of issues that managers handle every day.  This comprehensive overview of today’s work environment prepares paralegal students to take on the responsibilities and challenges of law office management with confidence.

Strong on content and pedagogy, Contemporary Law Office Management features:
• a complete overview of law office management
in today’s high-tech environment
• real-world examples of issues that arise in the law office
• case studies with discussion questions at the end of each chapter
• definitions  of key terms in the margins
• checklists in each chapter
for study and review
• edited case excerpts that shed light on core concepts
• an integrated treatment of ethics and real-world implications of the ethical rules