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Basic Labor and Employment Law for Paralegals

Part I. Introduction to Labor and Employment Law

Chapter 1. The Origins of Labor and Employment Law in America 
Chapter 2. The Employment Relationship

Part II. Labor-Management Relations in the Union Setting

Chapter 3. Representation Elections
Chapter 4. Employer Unfair Labor Practices
Chapter 5. Union Unfair Labor Practices
Chapter 6. Economic Weapons:  Strikes, Picketing, Boycotts, and Lockouts
Chapter 7. Labor Contracts

Part III. Employment Discrimination

Chapter 8. The Civil Rights Act of 1964
Chapter 9. Race Discrimination
Chapter 10. Sex Discrimination
Chapter 11. Religious and National Origin Discrimination
Chapter 12. Disability Discrimination
Chapter 13. Age Discrimination

Appendix A. How to Brief a Case
Appendix B. Legal Journals
Appendix C. Contract Clauses
Appendix D. Employment Agreement