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Fundamentals of Criminal Practice: Law and Procedure

Summary of Contents

Section I.  Criminal Law
Ch. 1.  The Criminal Justice System
Ch. 2.  Basic Principles of Criminal Law
Ch. 3.  Types of Offenses

Section II. Criminal Procedure: From Commission of the Offense to Plea Bargaining and Diversion
Ch. 4.  Investigation of Criminal Behavior
Ch. 5.  The Prosecutorís Role in Initiating Cases
Ch. 6.  Defending the Accused
Ch. 7.  Discovery and Disclosure
Ch. 8.  Legal Defenses
Ch. 9.  Pretrial Motions, Plea Bargaining and Diversion Programs

Section III.  Criminal Procedure: Trials and their Aftermath
Ch. 10.  The Nature of Criminal Trials
Ch. 11.  Preparation for the Trial
Ch. 12.  Conduct of the Trial
Ch. 13.  Sentencing
Ch. 14.  Appeals