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Introduction to Paralegal Studies: A Critical Thinking Approach 4E

Summary of Contents

Part I:     Paralegals and the American Legal System

Chapter 1.      Introduction to the Study of Law and the Paralegal Profession   
Chapter 2.      Paralegals and the Legal System   
Chapter 3.      Functions and Sources of Law   
Chapter 4.      Classification of the Law   
Chapter 5.      Structure of the Court System   
Chapter 6.      Civil Litigation and Its Alternatives

Part II:      Substance of the Law   
Chapter 7.      Torts
Chapter 8.      Contracts and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)   
Chapter 9.      Property and Specialized Practice Areas   
Chapter 10.     Criminal Law and Procedure   
Chapter 11.      Legal Ethics
Part III:      Legal Analysis and Research   
Chapter 12.      Finding and Interpreting Statutory Law   
Chapter 13.      Finding and Interpreting Court Opinions   
Chapter 14.      Finding the Law   
Chapter 15.      Applying the Law
Part IV:      Paralegals and the Work World   
Chapter 16.      Interviewing   
Chapter 17.      Evidence and Investigations   
Chapter 18.      Computers and Case management 
Appendix A.   Excerpts from the United States Constitution   
Appendix B.   Ethical Codes   
Appendix C.   Fundamentals of Good Writing
Appendix D.   NetNotes   
Table of Cases