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Introduction to Paralegal Studies Sixth Edition

Summary of Contents

List of Illustrations

Part 1: Paralegals and the American Legal System 
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Study of Law and the Paralegal Profession
Chapter 2: Legal Ethics
Chapter 3: Sources of Law
Chapter 4: Classification of the Law
Chapter 5: Courts
Chapter 6: Civil Litigation and Its Alternatives

Part 2: Substance of the Law
Chapter 7: Torts
Chapter 8: Contract Law
Chapter 9: Criminal Law and Procedure
Chapter 10: Specialized Practice Areas

Part 3: Legal Analysis and Research
Chapter 11: Finding and Interpreting Enacted Law
Chapter 12: Finding and Interpreting Court Opinions
Chapter 13: Finding the Law
Chapter 14: Applying the Law

Part 4: Paralegals and the Work World
Chapter 15: Interviewing
Chapter 16: Evidence and Investigations
Chapter 17: Computers and Case Management

Appendix A: The Constitution of the United States
Appendix B: Fundamentals of Good Writing
Appendix C: NetNotes

Table of Cases