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About the Book

Basic Civil Litigation

Third Edition

Herbert G. Feuerhake
Wilmington, Delaware

2007. 480 pages. Paperback. ISBN: 0-7355-5846-9. Instructor's Manual with Test Bank and PowerPoint slides. (Ancillary materials also included on CD-ROM)

About the Book

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Comprehensive and practical in nature, the Third Edition of Basic Civil Litigation is designed to provide paralegal students with a thorough explanation of the fundamentals of civil litigation. A student-friendly tone discusses all key topics relevant to the practicing paralegal.

The text retains the features that have earned it widespread success:

--A thorough explanation of the basics of litigation. The author uses a light, conversational tone to cover all key topics necessary to paralegal practice
--Well-structured and covers all the topics typically included in the basic course, without being overwhelming or intimidating
--Many illustrations and forms provide realistic examples of litigation practice
--Points out practical, common-sense considerations for paralegals. Boxes interspersed throughout the text highlight and explain particularly troublesome concepts
--Two sample cases are followed throughout the book, providing coherent examples for students to refer to throughout the course
--The comprehensive teaching package includes an Instructor’s Manual with Test Bank, PowerPoint slides, and a CD-ROM with ancillary package (including PowerPoint slides)

Freshly revised to incorporate great new and updated material:

--Incorporates all changes made to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure through December, 2006
--Presents expanded discussions on many topics, including computerized litigation, electronic information and the use of the Internet to assist in fact-gathering, discovery, and trial
--Expands coverage of Ethics
--Well-structured and covers all the topics typically included in the basic course, without being overwhelming or intimidating.

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