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Law Office Technology

Front Cover - Law Office Technology

George Guay

2013.  500 pages.  ISBN: 978-0-7355-8316-0.

Instructor’s Manual, PowerPoint Slides, CD-ROM with all the ancillaries included, interactive Website, Test Bank

About the Book


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Law Office Technology examines the continuing and vital impact of technology in the operation of a successful law firm. Paralegal students come to understand when, where, why and how to employ legal technology. Typical hardware and software, especially the most useful software for a modern practice, are covered in detail. This important survey reviews key office management software used in critical functions such as billing, as well as the legal software employed in election data discovery and research. By integrating legal knowledge with practical, hands-on skills, paralegals grasp the foundations of legal technology and gain a feel for real-life applications in a law office. To keep current, online updates to the material appears on the Website that accompanies the text, providing updated material on software from the Web and other sources, as well as refreshed assignments and teaching materials. 

Features of Law Office Technology:

  • Addresses technology’s continuing impact on the operation of a successful legal practice
  • Considers when, where, why and how to employ legal technology
  • Covers the basics of computer technology
  • typical hardware and software found in a modern legal practice
  • useful computer software for a modern law office  
  • Discusses office management software in critical functions such as billing
  • Reviews legal software involved in electronic data discovery and legal research
  • Integrates legal knowledge with practical, hands-on skills specifically for paralegals
  • Includes information to help students keep current 
  • online updates at the Website accompanying the book 
  • up-to-the-minute material from the Web and publications on software, assignments and teaching materials