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Civil Litigation for the New Millennium: A Guide for Paralegals

Front Cover - Civil Litigation for the New Millennium: A Guide for Paralegals

Barbara Kautz

Stacey A. Rowcliffe

2003. 512 pages. Paperback. ISBN: 978-0-7355-2789-8.
ElectronicWorkbook on CD included with the text. Instructor’s Manual with Test Bank and PowerPoint slides. CD-ROM Case Files and software also available. (Ancillary materials also included on CD-ROM.)

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About the Book

This innovative text for the Basic Litigation course is the first to integrate today’s high-tech tools and skills into a thorough treatment of the civil litigation process. Each chapter features technology discussions, explaining how the latest litigation software, online sources, and other electronic tools are used for more efficient case preparation. As your students follow the litigation process, they will be learning the kind of high-tech skills demanded by today’s most advanced law firms.

The accompanying workbook and instructor ancillaries make it easy to incorporate an array of high-tech resources into your current litigation course. The electronic student workbook, based on an extended case involving a helicopter crash, gives your students hands-on practice with litigation software. This text is a terrific way to create a more stimulating, interactive course while giving your students advanced career skills.

The only civil litigation text focusing on today’s high-tech tools and skills:

  • Thorough coverage of the litigation process, from client contact, investigation, and managing documents to trial preparation, proceedings, and post–trial considerations — all with a focus on the paralegal’s tasks and responsibilities
  • An emphasis on electronic resources and skills, using software, websites, and other high-tech resources as an essential link between legal theory and practice
  • Technology discussions in each chapter, explaining how to use the latest software for litigation-specific paralegal tasks, with accompanying illustrations and expert tips
  • Text pedagogy and web links reinforce the technology focus, with website listings for each chapter, ethics alerts, technology highlights, chapter objectives, key terms, practice tips, and more
  • Electronic workbook uses extensive documents and exercises from a real case involving a helicopter crash — allowing students to work through every step of an actual case in depth
  • A CD-ROM with digital video contains actual court pleadings, investigation and discovery documents, witness statements, animations, and more; the material can be copied for distribution or uploaded onto school networks
  • A detailed Instructor’s Manual includes sample syllabi, answers to workbook questions, Test Bank, and more — with complete instructions on incorporating electronic resources into your litigation course