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Fundamentals of Litigation for Paralegals 8E

Chapter 1.  Introduction to Litigation Contains information about the federal court system. Describes the structure and purpose of the U.S. Federal Court system and provides links to other sites. Overview of the court system and federal procedure, and links to opinions of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. Information on ethics and their application to paralegals from the National Federation of Paralegals Associations. Llnk to administrative law, case law, and statutory law resources.

Chapter 2.  Informal Fact Gathering and Investigation A top ten list of effective client interviewing tips.

Find telephone numbers and residential and business addresses at the following sites:;;;


Chapter 3.  Case Evaluation and Strategy

For legal forms, see the following sites:;;;

Chapter 4.  Parties and Jurisdiction Overview of subject matter jurisdiction in federal court. Access to federal rules of procedure.


Chapter 5.  Pleadings The U.S. Federal Courts home page.

Chapter 6.  Law and Motions Information on state, federal, and international laws.

Chapter 7.  Motion Practice Collection of free legal forms. Link to forms, laws, legal news. Free legal research sites; information on state and federal courts. Links to legal resources and forms. Legal services and analysis.

Chapter 8.  Provisional Remedies Link to federal and state forms. Sample forms. Explanation of injunctions. Legal information arranged by subject. Judicial decisions on injunctions.


Chapter 9.  Evidence Link to the Federal Rules of Evidence.


Chapter 10.  Discovery ABA overview of discovery.


Chapter 11.  Settlements Sample settlement agreements. Settlement agreements. Create release agreements.


Chapter 12.  Trial Preparation, Trial, and Appeal Access to sample appellate briefs.

Chapter 13.  Enforcement of Judgments Summary of information on how to enforce judgments and questions to ask in a debtor’s examination. Enforcement of small claim court judgments.


Chapter 14.  Alternative Dispute Resolution Official site for the American Arbitration Association. Link to arbitration and mediation information.