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Fundamentals of California Litigation for Paralegals 5E

Summary of Contents

Part I. Investigating and Planning the Litigation

Ch. 1. Introduction to Litigation
Ch. 2. Informal Fact Gathering and Investigation
Ch. 3. Case Evaluation and Strategy
Ch. 4. Parties and Jurisdiction

Part II. Pretrial Litigation

Ch. 5. Pleadings
Ch. 6. Complaints, Answers, and Cross-Claims
Ch. 7. Special Pleadings
Ch. 8. Introduction to Motions
Ch. 9. Motions Attacking the Pleadings
Ch. 10. Summary Judgments
Ch. 11. Provisional Remedies
Ch. 12. Evidence
Ch. 13. Introduction to Discovery
Ch. 14. Written Discovery
Ch. 15. Depositions

Part III. Settlement, Trial, and Post-Trial

Ch. 16. Settlements
Ch. 17. Trial Preparation, Trial, and Appeal
Ch. 18. Enforcement of Judgments
Ch. 19. Alternative Dispute Resolution
Ch. 20. Social Media in Litigation

Litigation File