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About the Book

Evidence for Paralegals

Front Cover - Evidence for Paralegals

Fifth Edition

Joelyn D. Marlowe
Career Prosecutor

2016. 368 pages. 978-0-73-559013-7. With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

Evidence for Paralegals, Fifth Edition is a clearly written textbook that helps students understand how evidentiary principles are applied in real-life situations. Text focuses on the practical applications of the Federal rules of Evidence and how the rules relate to paralegal practice. 

Key Features of the New Edition:
Covers a full range of topics, including gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and researching
Written from a real-life perspective, showing how actual practice works in local, state, and federal court
Pedagogy in text developed for paralegal students, and includes short case summaries, readable examples, marginal definitions of terms, marginal cross-references to the Rules of Evidence, review questions, and hypotheticals
Short, concise presentation is ideal for paralegal courses
Updated with changes to the Federal Rules of Evidence
Updated with new cases
New hypotheticals and discussion questions added

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