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About the Book

Personal Injury and the Law of Torts for Paralegals 2E

Second Edition

Emily Lynch Morissette

2011. 420 pages. ISBN: 978-0-7355-9877-5.
Instructor’s Manual with Test Bank and PowerPoint slides.

About the Book

Personal Injury and the Law of Torts for Paralegals teaches students basic torts concepts along with the skills they need to work as paralegals in a torts-based practice.  Through consistently clear writing, examples drawn from experience, and strong pedagogy, students develop a working understanding of their role as paralegals in personal injury cases.

Thorough, and thoroughly teachable, Personal Injury and the Law of Torts for Paralegals features:

  • logically organized substantive topics, beginning with an introduction to the concept of torts and moving through each element of negligence—followed by medical malpractice, intentional torts, and Worker’s Compensation
  • complete coverage of the AAfPE’s Model Tort Law syllabus
  • practice-based topics that examine how to discover medical records, tort discovery, and litigation
  • An Introduction to Medicine in the Appendix
  • medical information relevant to personal injury is highlighted
  • a guide to obtaining and understanding medical records
  • a wealth of clear and accessible examples
  • fact-based exercises that use real-life scenarios
  • consistently pedagogy and chapter structure
    • Chapter Objectives
    • marginal definitions
    • tables and figures
    • case summaries
    • ethics topics
    • Chapter Summaries
    • review questions
    • Web links
  • detailed Instructor's Manual that includes sample syllabi, chapter overviews, and Test Bank

Carefully updated, with additional medical and medical malpractice topics, the Second Edition offers:

  • more medical records for students to practice reviewing and summarizing
  • more medically-related websites, abbreviations, terms, and statutes
  • significantly expanded medical malpractice chapter, with coverage of
    • medical malpractice discovery
    • investigation of the claim by both plaintiff and defendant
    • pre-trial stages of medical malpractice
    • the actual medical malpractice trial
  • updated website references
  • enhanced coverage of ethics