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Personal Injury and the Law of Torts for Paralegals 2E

Summary of Contents

Chapter 1.   Introduction to Torts and Negligence

Chapter 2.   First Element of Negligence: Duty

Chapter 3.   Second Element of Negligence: Breach of Duty

Chapter 4.   The Third Element of Negligence: Causation of Injury

Chapter 5.   The Fourth Element of Negligence: Damages

Chapter 6.   Special Issues Related to Negligence

Chapter 7.   The Defenses to Negligence

Chapter 8.   Medical Malpractice

Chapter 9.   Intentional Torts to Persons

Chapter 10. Intentional Torts to Property

Chapter 11. The Defenses to Intentional Torts and Immunities

Chapter 12. Strict Liability and Products Liability

Chapter 13. Nuisance

Chapter 14. Workers’ Compensation

Chapter 15. Discovery and Review of Medical Records

Chapter 16. Tort Discovery

Chapter 17. Tort Litigation