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California Property Law for Paralegals

Front Cover - California Property Law for Paralegals

D. Patrick O’Laughlin

2011. 320 pages. ISBN: 978-07355-8452-5.
Instructor's Manual with Test Bank and PowerPoint slides.
(Ancillary materials also included on CD-ROM).

About the Book


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Designed to simplify material while maximizing student interest, California Property Law for Paralegals is a well-organized, clearly written, practical text. This concise yet comprehensive book will provide students the tools they need but will not overwhelm them because it is geared specifically to the needs of paralegal students.

Written so that class lectures can be prepared with ease, this text features:

  • Practical problem solving exercises and hypotheticals presented in an interesting and attention-grabbing style with an eye to engaging the reader
  • Ethical issues discussed throughout the text that challenge the students and prepare them for practice
  • An option for instructors to encourage students to draft assignments in IRAC form to better prepare students for the workplace and to make grading easier for instructors
  • Chapters ending with a review of important terms, concepts, definitions, and chapter review questions. Answers to the questions posed at the end of each chapter are included in the Instructor’s Manual.
    The author engages both students and instructors with four special features intended to facilitate mastering the law through practical application:
  • Judge for a Day uses a paraphrased judicial opinion or fact pattern that does not reveal the holding of the case. Students are asked to predict the judge’s ruling. These can be used to trigger classroom discussion or used in a mock trial. The Instructor’s Manual will include a synopsis of the court’s holding and reasoning.
  • The Client Comes Calling presents a challenge or task that a paralegal may encounter in the course of an ordinary day in a law firm. This feature spotlights ethical considerations and also introduces students to the business side of the practice of law.
  • Sharpening the Saw: An Exercise in Issue Spotting trains paralegals to think like legal professionals. Students are asked to read a set of facts and then to identify and effectively convey the issue in writing. This feature is presented in such a way that an instructor can determine how much emphasis to place on legal writing.
  • Out of the Ivory Tower reminds students that clients use law firms to solve problems. This feature encourages creative thinking and a focus on the “big picture.”
    Without a doubt, California Property Law for Paralegals is your best alternative for an easy to teach, focused, California-specific property text aimed specifically at paralegals.