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Interviewing and Investigating: Essential Skills for the Legal Professional 6E

Summary of Contents


Part I: Foundations for Interviewing and Investigating
Ch. 1 Introduction to Interviewing and Investigation
Ch. 2 Ethical and Professional Responsibilities for Legal Professionals Engaged in Interviewing and Investigating
Ch. 3 The Adversarial System, ADR, and Pre-filing Investigation
Ch. 4 Formal Discovery in Civil Litigation
Ch. 5 Formal Discovery in Criminal Litigation
Ch. 6 Rules of Evidence for the Investigator—Part 1
Ch. 7 Rules of Evidence for the Investigator—Part 2
Ch. 8 Communication Skills for the Investigator

Part II: Formulating and Executing a Plan of Investigation
Ch. 9 Formulating the Plan of Investigation
Ch. 10 Preparing for a Client Interview
Ch. 11 Conducting a Client Interview
Ch. 12 Preparing for a Witness Interview
Ch. 13 Conducting a Witness Interview
Ch. 14 Identifying and Locating Fact Witnesses
Ch. 15 Working with Expert Witnesses
Ch. 16 Public Sources of Information—Federal
Ch. 17 Public Sources of Information—State and Local
Ch. 18 Private Sources of Information

Appendix A Case Studies 
Appendix B Resources for the Investigator