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Learning About the Law

Chapter One:  The American Legal System

The federal judiciary home page:

The United States Supreme Court home page:

Map of the federal circuits with links to their cases:

Information on specific state courts, available through the National Center for State Courts:

The White House:

Chapter Two:  Legal Research:  Finding the Law




The Virtual Chase (free legal research):

Legal Resource Links:

Chapter Three:  Briefing a Case


Legal Information Institute:

Chapter Four:   Legal Writing:  Basic Organization

ALWD Citation Manual's Web site:

Online tutorial designed to teach Bluebook rules:

Chapter Five:  Introduction to Law

Fundamentals of a jury trial:

Legal Information Institute, overview of appellate procedure:

Information about and video clips of current trials:

Chapter Six:  Contracts

GSA Board of Contract Appeals:

U.S. Department of Commerce:

The Uniform Commercial Code, as revised through 2001:

Examples of contracts:

Chapter Seven:  Torts

National Safety Council, statistics on accidents:

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, statistics on consumer products:

More information on libel and slander:

Chapter Eight:  Criminal Law

Criminal justice statistics:

U.S. Department of Justice:

State criminal law statutes:

Chapter Nine:  Ethics

National Association of Legal Assistants:

National Federal of Paralegal Associations:

Legal Information Institute, ethics page:

American Bar Association:

Chapter Ten:  Careers

Job search directory and other career advice:

ABA Career Counsel, the ABA's central source for online information on finding jobs and enhancing lawyers' careers:

U.S. Department of Labor, statistics on legal careers: