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The Professional Paralegal 2E

Summary of Contents

Part 1: About Paralegals (and the Legal Profession and the Law)
Chapter 1. The Paralegal Profession 
Chapter 2. Ethics and Professional Conduct for the Legal Professional 
Chapter 3. Law and the American Legal System 
Part 2: The Practicing Paralegal: Developing Skills for the Legal Professional
Chapter 4. Finding and Reading the Law —Classifications of Law and Reading Court Opinions 
Chapter 5. Finding and Using the Law —Legal Research and Writing 
Chapter 6. Using the Law —The Professional Paralegal in Action: Foundations of Law and Practice 
Chapter 7. Using the Law —Basic Legal Specialties for the Professional Paralegal
Chapter 8. Using the Law: Basic Legal Specialties —Family Matters 
Chapter 9. Using the Law: Legal Specialties —Business Matters 
Part 3: Entering the Profession
Chapter 10. Using the Law in the Field —Fact-Gathering Skills and Techniques for Managing Work and the Office 
Chapter 11. Getting the Job and Surviving in the Legal Workplace 
Chapter 12. Examples of Legal Work Performed by the Professional